Dr. Rachel Rudolph joins the podcast today to discuss her work with high tunnels and vegetable crop production. As an Extension Vegetable Specialist, Dr. Rudolph lends her knowledge of plant science to the University of Kentucky’s Department of Horticulture as an Assistant Extension Professor. 

Dr. Rudolph is interested in developing alternative approaches to managing issues in the field and with high tunnel systems. Utilizing her knowledge of  tunnel systems, abiotic disorders, crop nutrition, and soil fertility, Dr. Rudolph is on a mission to make a real difference in the world of farming and crop production systems…

Jump in now to explore:

  • The difference between horticulture and agriculture.
  • What nematodes are, and how they impact crop production.
  • Why soil solarization can be so beneficial to plant and soil health.  

To learn more about Dr. Rudolph and her research click here now!

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