Today, we are joined by Jeremy Silva, the founder of BuildASoil, a website that provides handmade, small-batch, custom soils to growers nationwide. By curating natural ingredients from around the world, BuildASoil produces nutrient-rich soils that consumers can use to grow sustainably and efficiently.

Started in Jeremy’s garage, BuildASoil has grown to help others become independent of bagged soils and have access to high-quality products and free education. How have they helped growers achieve astounding results? Tune in now to find out for yourself…

Dig in now to explore:

  • Unique factors that BuildASoil offers to consumers. 
  • What makes quality compost, and why it’s so integral to soil health. 
  • Why soil texture is so essential to plant health. 

To uncover more about BuildASoil, click here now!

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