In this episode, we sit down with Tara Vander Dussen and Natalie Kovarik, the two co-hosts of Discover Ag the docuseries, and Discover Ag the podcast. With over 10 years of history sharing online and building a community around agriculture, both Tara and Natalie are on a mission to bring a unique perspective to the food and farming space.

Tara is an environmental scientist and dairy farmer who works alongside her husband in Eastern New Mexico. Drawing from her experience in this field, she helps dairy farmers navigate state and federal regulations and permitting.

Natalie is a fourth-generation rancher who lives in central Nebraska. Here, she and her husband run Kovarik Cattle Company, a cow/calf operation with a growing herd. In addition to this, they also have been cultivating other diverse agricultural ventures. 

Jump into the conversation now to discover:

  • What manure management is, and why it is important. 
  • How seasonal changes impact water usage in farms.
  • Why the beef industry is so segmented. 
  • The first initial steps to set animals up for a long and healthy lifestyle.

Want to find out more about Tara and Natalie’s work? Click here now!

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